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Christmas at the Governor's Mansion

This Summit Avenue home of the Governor of Minnesota is a picture of splendor and history wrapped into 16,000 square feet. Stately and beautiful this home stands among many historical homes on this street. Ryan had the honor of decorating the Governor's Mansion for the Christmas season in 2014.

Decorating the WhiteHouse - Diplomatic Reception Room
Holiday Bliss

The White House

As you can imagine, Christmas in DC is amazing and magical. The history. The charm. The character. Receiving the invitation and unique opportunity to decorate a piece of this our nation's most prestigious home and this incredible piece of American history was an honor, to be entrusted to the decorating of the Diplomatic Reception Room is something not to be forgotten.

Holiday Bliss

A Winter Wonderland in Woodbury

While we love having the experience of decorating such prestigious spaces as The White House and the Governor's Mansion, we love bringing the sparkle, festiveness and magic to any home. This model home in Woodbury with its high ceilings and modern appeal made for a dazzling winter wonderland.

Holiday Bliss

Twin Cities Live

We had the privilege of appearing on Twin Cities Live three straight years, giving decorating tips and trips. The most recent interview can be seen here.

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